Sunday, October 5, 2008

A1 GP: Malaysia wins Sprint race and Second Place on Feature Race

Fauzy took up his pole position on the grid for the Feature race this afternoon, but with the rain relentlessly pouring down at the Zandvoort circuit there was no alternative but for the organisers to declare a safety car start for this race. After two laps the field of 17 nations taking part this weekend were released to race for national glory.

Fauzy led the grid away at the green flag and retained his lead in the opening laps pitting early in the first pitstop window, while second placed team, France, continued on. An errant wheel nut delayed the team by a few seconds but Fauzy was soon back out.

The French team made a late stop and in the process took the lead of the race with Malaysia four seconds behind at the end of the first round of pitstops. As the laps counted down Fauzy remained in second place, and the second round of pitstops saw a clean stop from the Malaysian crew placing Fauzy back out on track in the runner up spot. A dramatic accident for the Lebanon and China cars brought out a safety car close to the end of the race, with the race finally finishing under the safety car. A1 Team Malaysia claimed second place, and after winning the Sprint race now lead the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport standings.

Fauzy said of his two podium results, "It's been a dream start to the season for A1 Team Malaysia. We were certainly hoping to have a good performance here, and two podiums is just great. The weather conditions were treacherous today, which made it difficult for all of us, but that makes it all the more rewarding. There is something extra special when you are driving for your nation, so I'm very proud of our achievements today. Its been a real team effort and Im delighted that we are leaving Zandvoort leading the championship."

A1 Team Malaysia Chief Executive, Jack Cunningham, added, "Fairuz performed extremely well. These are probably the worst conditions we've seen and he showed real professionalism, real ability to think under pressure, recognition of how to get the best out of the car, defeat the weather; a really excellent performance. On top of that I think all the teams should be congratulated on the fantastic event they have put on today, defying all the odds that have faced us in the build up to the start of the season."

The A1GP World Cup of Motorsport continues its ten event global tour next month with the second round taking place at Chengdu, China from 7 - 9 November 2008.

RESULTS: Sprint race
Pos A1 Team Driver Laps Time Gap
1 Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy 10 19'44.533
2 New Zealand Earl Bamber 10 19'48.007 3.474
3 France Loïc Duval 10 19'50.803 6.270
4 Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 10 19'57.966 13.433
5 Switzerland Neel Jani 10 20'01.429 16.896
6 South Africa Adrian Zaugg 10 20'05.458 20.925
7 Italy Fabio Onidi 10 20'06.747 22.214
8 USA Charlie Kimball 10 20'08.683 24.150
9 Portugal Filipe Albuquerque 10 20'13.960 29.427
10 Lebanon Daniel Morad 10 20'23.462 38.929
11 Australia John Martin 10 21'12.004 1'27.471
12 China Ho-Pin Tung 9 18'09.652 1 lap
13 Brazil Felipe Guimarães 9 19'24.409 1 lap
14 Korea Jin Woo Hwang 3 7'27.249 7 laps
15 Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 2 5'27.400 8 laps
16 Ireland Adam Carroll 2 5'58.094 8 laps
17 Monaco Clivio Piccione 1 2'48.422 9 laps

RESULTS: Feature race
Pos A1 Team Driver Laps Time Gap
1 France Loïc Duval 36 1:11'58.723
2 Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy 36 1:12'01.011 2.288
3 New Zealand Earl Bamber 36 1:12'01.432 2.709
4 Australia John Martin 36 1:12'05.052 6.329
5 Netherlands Jeroen Bleekemolen 36 1:12'06.996 8.273
6 Monaco Clivio Piccione 34 1:12'03.356 2 laps
7 Korea Jin Woo Hwang 33 1:12'28.432 3 laps
8 Lebanon Daniel Morad 32 1:03'15.216 4 laps
9 China Ho-Pin Tung 31 1:03'14.803 5 laps
10 USA Charlie Kimball 30 59'04.806 6 laps
11 Portugal Filipe Albuquerque 15 29'34.235 21 laps
12 Indonesia Satrio Hermanto 12 26'14.548 24 laps
13 South Africa Adrian Zaugg 5 11'00.955 31 laps
14 Italy Fabio Onidi 5 11'01.706 31 laps
15 Brazil Felipe Guimarães 5 1:12'03.879 31 laps
16 Ireland Adam Carroll 4 9'17.297 32 laps
17 Switzerland Neel Jani 4 9'52.638 32 laps